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The Company

Gemini Trading is a successful alarm system producer in Italy currently operating a well-build sales network all over the world. Since 1976, thanks to continued investments in research and development, Gemini Trading has achieved ambitious goals and currently enjoys the position of Number one supplier of quality security systems. Gemini Trading has obtained the rights for ISO 9001-2000 quality certificate and exports 78 per cent of its production to about 45 countries world-wide. Gemini has aimed to gather the top technology into its alarm systems in order to stay at the top in this specific field of expertise. In recent years the tendency of an educated and up-to-date customer is even more noticeable and they have become not only more demanding in the efficiency of the final product but they are also ready to appreciate the fine results. Specialists with high qualifications as well as the long-term professional experience in the field of electronics have guaranteed the ongoing updating of Gemini products. Nempe O is trying to do its best to provide the Estonian market with the best possible car alarm systems. In order to assist the customer to make the best choice considering their needs Gemini has classified its alarm systems into three different classes.

Compact Alarm Systems

The most important benefit of compact alarm systems is the presence of one sole unit including an integral siren and all the alarm functions. This solution offers the ease of fit.

Modular Car Alarm Systems

Modular car alarm systems are made up of a combination of units, which are installed in different areas of the vehicle. This solution offers increased security in that it is more difficult for a thief to locate and overcome the system.

Specially Adapted Alarms

Included in this category are both compact and modular alarm systems developed for vehicles that have an original equipment transmitter.

The New Code System

The new dynamic code system has 4294 976 296 different codes which combine a dynamic code of 32 bit, with a serial number 28 bit and with 6 state bit. This prevents the use of crabbing code methods with scanning to capture and transmit the code again. The cryptographic key, the serial number and the configuration bit are stored up in an EEPROM found in the device so they are not accessible through the external connections suitable to read this data. It is important to emphasise that the serial number and the constructor code (a secret number established by Gemini) which work together with the cryptographic key, are programmed into the remote control during the manufacturing process and they could not be violated or copied while the system is activated. The system can manage up to four independent channels of transmission. It is therefore a device opened to new needs that may be interesting in the near future.

Among others a significant advancement is the reduction of the size of the transmitter. The customer has the choice of having the transmitter circuit incorporated into the briar key ring provided with the alarm system, or into the vehicles own key thus eliminating the need to have separate items. This technology is patented by Gemini (VA/93/A/0004). The transmitter battery has an expected life span of 2-3 years.

In addition to incorporating the most sophisticated and advanced technologies Gemini alarm systems conform to all European homologations as well as the CE certificates.

Sertifications and homologations